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Looking for a new career – with limited training required?
Here are 6 professions hiring now that required short term or limited extra training.
From an article in “The BottomLine” by Laurence Shatkin, PhD
  1. Emergency Medical Technicians
  2. Insurance Sales Agents
  3. Pharmacy Technicians
  4. Private Investigators
  5. Athletic Coaches or Scouts
  6. Fitness Trainers
New book Review – Closing the Sale by James Ball and Jennifer Kuchta

“James Ball and Jennifer Kuchta compiled some great tips for closing the sale. Following each tip they include real world examples of how these tips are successfully applied.   This is an essential book for anyone in sales. Those who are early in their career in sales can learn the basics towards closing sales. Experienced sales reps can look back at this book from time to time to make sure they have not strayed too far from the fundamentals that helped them achieve success in the first place. ”

Review by Sean McColl, Recruiter, Achieve-it, LLC



Recommended Articles and Books
  • 10 Best Tips for Getting a JOB, By James R. Ball and Jennifer A. Kuchta
  • What Color is Your Parachute? By Richard Nelson Bolles
  • Knock ‘em Dead, by Martin Yates
  • Job-Hunting Online by Mark Emery Bolles and Richard Nelson Bolles
  • 96 Great Interview Questions by Paul Falcone and Adrienne Hickey
  • First 90 Days by Michael Watkins
  • Book of Lists, Washington Business Journal
  • Washington Post 200 – Published every April


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