Interview Tips

Preparation is the key.  Review your elevator message, review your resume in depth, prepare for key questions, have stories ready – to demonstrate how you handle challenges to succeed.

Interview questions

  1. What attracted you to this job?
  2. What are your strengths
  3. How do you envision the challenges and demands of this position?
  4. How do you manage your time?
  5. What plans if any do you have in mind for our organization?
  6. What was your least favorite position or company in your career?  Why?  What could you have done differently?
  7. How do you typically stay in the information loop and monitor your staff’s performance?
  8. How do you confront subordinates when results are unacceptable?  What about partners or volunteers?
  9. Tell me about your last performance appraisal.  In what area were you most disappointed?
  10. What would you like to do in 5-10 years?
  11. Which people have influenced you the most in your career?
  12. How do you learn or stay current?
  13. How do you handle rejection or failure?
  14. Describe a conflict you were involved in at work. How did you resolve the conflict? What happened next with that coworker or team?
  15. How are you motivated?
  16. What are the top 3-4 resources you plan to use besides your own skills in this job?
  17. How do you handle surprises?  Good or bad
  18. Tell us about 2-3 difficult personnel situations you handled in the last few years.
  19. Which functions of this job do you think will be the most challenging and how will you prepare for them?

 Interview questions for managers/executives candidates

  1. What is your management philosophy?
  2. How do you delegate?
  3. One of the jobs of a manager or supervisor is to manage performance and perform periodic performance reviews. Tell me how you have managed employee performance in the past. Describe the process you have used for performance feedback.
  4. What are your strengths and what can you bring to our organization?
  5. If you are offered this job, how do you want the board to support you?
  6. What are the three most important values you demonstrate as a leader? Tell me a story that demonstrates each of these leadership values in practice within your workplace.
  7. How do you motivate others?
  8. How do you reward great performance?

Remember: confirm the dress code, arrive early, bring extra copies of resumes or other materials, ask questions of the interviewers and follow up with an email thank you.


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