About Us

Achieve-it was founded in 2000 by Trudy McCrea as an executive coaching and consulting firm. With client demand, we expanded Achieve-it and shifted our focused to recruiting and staffing services.  Our services maximize the fit and performance of key personnel for you, our clients.

Achieve-it’s managers understand the full HR lifecycle: Attract, Hire, Develop and Retain. We take a long term, strategic view to our recruiting incorporating our management experience. Our 1 year retention rate is 91% and 90% of our hires have made it to their 2nd anniversary or beyond.  Uniquely, we also focus on providing excellent service to our candidates. We coach, advise and support our candidates through the hiring process and once on board.

Achieve-it has a strong group of distinguished leaders.  We have long term experience as hiring managers, management consultants, sales managers, billable professionals and staffing managers. We have personally been involved in technology solutions including .NET development, EI, CRM, advanced security, e-commerce and many others in commercial and government organizations.  We understand change and how to capitalize on that for our clients. Our leaders have been in the Washington, D.C., area for 20+ years each, building a very strong business and personal network. We frequently team with other companies to refine our best practices and fuel our growth.

Our combined expertise, leadership and broad perspectives will bring you cost savings and timely additions to your staff.





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